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BDC Credit Reporter: Change In Subscription Model

The BDC Credit Reporter switches out of beta mode to a premium subscription model. We explain why you should become a Charter Subscriber.

December 6, 2022

Out Of Beta

After months in "beta mode", the BDC Credit Reporter has switched to a premium subscriber  model. This is what we had indicated would happen from the outset. To make the publication - and our unique database of hundreds of underperforming BDC-financed companies - available to the widest possible audience of interested parties, we are offering a Charter Membership for just $50 a month. That's half the price a regular subscription will cost from January 2023 - a 50% savings ! The subscription goes month to month, so there's no long term commitment.

Where We Stand

Editorially, we're adding new company updates all the time. We should be publishing 5-10 articles a week. That adds up to 250 to 500 a year exclusive insights into what is happening to BDC borrowers both big and small. This is critical information for anyone invested in public BDC stocks as credit performance remains the key determinant of long term success or failure. In fact, anyone involved in the leveraged finance world will find the BDC Credit Reporter essential reading as many of the companies involved  are funded by all sorts of lenders.


Over at the database, we're aiming to identify all the underperforming companies amidst the 4,000+ BDC financed public and private companies. We've undertaken full credit surveys of 4 BDCs already and many more are on the way. We have Company Folders on over 200 entities already, all of which get updated every time anything important occurs. By the time we've covered the waterfront, we expect to be covering several hundred names.

Summing Up

We hope those of you who signed up for the BDC Credit Reporter in recent weeks will continue as Premium subscribers.  This is a unique project in a BDC world where the right information at the right time can make a measurable difference for anyone involved in the world of leveraged finance. The next few quarters promise to be very challenging from a credit standpoint and a very good reason to subscribe to the BDC Credit Reporter.